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Overheard in Philadelphia
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Admit it--you sometimes strain your ear to hear that little snippet of conversation from your neighbors on the subway. Or, that crazy lady on the bus has just pontificated something fierce and it's just too good to be only your memory.

This is a community for happenstance eavesdropping. It's not for stalkers, it's not for tattletales. It's simply a place to post things you've overheard in your daily doings.

The Rules
1. KISS. Keep it simple, stupid. Backstory isn't necessary as we're often only afforded a brief glimpse into the lives of those passing by.
2. No names unless you have specific permission from the person(s).
3. Feel free to identify the location: Overheard on the MFL by Penn, for instance; or In passing a couple while out for a walk. Be as specific or general as you'd like.
4. Community introductions aren't necessary. Just post the random conversations you hear.
5. Do not post sensitive conversations: no racism (we already know it exists), no personal attacks. Same goes for comments.

Mostly, have fun. Read through what others hear, laugh, learn, and wonder.
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